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4 years and counting.

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4 years ago today, during a major binge cycle (8 year gap) I was looking up Adult Baby on the internet and found this site.

Thank you to MOO for having ADISC available to the public.

Thank you to the members for all of the information that have posted there trials and tribulations of Paraphilic Infantilism.

Through that I have gained understanding and been able to control the situation, thus alleviating some of the stress and anxiety in my life.

I have made several friends and I have seen friends come and go.

Thank you everyone and I hope that I am doing good things to help others.



  1. Trevor's Avatar
    It's good to hear that you're feeling more positive about it all and that it seems like a trend rather than just a momentary thing. ADISC has done me tremendous good as well. It wasn't the only positive thing in my ABDL life but it was a big part of coming to see it as a good thing. I wish more people could come to that understanding more easily.
  2. MotherFaith's Avatar
    Awww what a lovely post Egor, I am glad you have found a place to help steady your ship. This is a wonderful site and has real meaning amongst the sea of sex driven sites out there catering for ABDL. And plus the support for those dealing inco issues makes it a wonderful mix of folk. Here is to the next four years. Faith x
  3. BluefireJay05's Avatar
    that was a really great post! WOW four years is really hard to imagine! I am also glad this place has been really good to you, it has helped me quite a lot!! and as faith said above^^ I also hope you have four more years!!
  4. Starrunner's Avatar
    Happy Adisc Anniversary, egor. You've come a long way baby! I'm glad this place has helped you, but even more so, I can't imagine how many words of support and wisdom you have given to so many others here. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.