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Time Flies

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Cant believe ive had this account for so long. Just seeing some of my old posts make me cringe a bit.
Sadly i do keep seeing a patter. Saying things and not being able to follow through with them. Been still trying to set
a routine but cant seem to nail down that habit. Still in college. Let my GPA slip a bit, but im trying to put more work
into grades. Its a work in progress. I've already got everything done this week, so it feels good to be ahead of schedule.
The only thing i need to remember is to continue to work on my group Unity project. Were trying to create a 3D Dungen
crawler, skill, crafting game. Kind of a weird combo. but maybe i'll explain it some other time. This post was meant to, Well
was meant so i can read it later i guess. To tell Future me to keep going. To stay positive. Had my 22nd bday party yesterday
with a couple friends. Went to Power and Light district, got into Mosaic and had a blast. Still recouping... Im at work right now
Sitting in dry diaper(for now). And yea i know i've been on the fence about doing this sort of thing. Wearing in public that is
but. but i dont care. And maybe thats a bad thing, It makes me happy so i shouldnt care what other people think.
Whether its taboo or not. I actually Met another kinkster recently as well. We ended up really hitting it off, and decided
to cook dinner at his place. So we did that and he had me bring a bag of kinky stuff, and then he showed me his collection
of stuff he had gathered over the years. It was, impressive hahaha. Great person, and i couldnt have had more fun exploring
new things with anyone else. He even sent me home in a sleeper of his, diapered of course. Thats pretty much all thats new
So yea Until next time.

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