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This is not the only side of me?? #7 an update just..... an update

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Hello out there to the world how is everyone!!!

I am doing just great I hope everyone else is too. anyways moving on..... This is blog #7 in this series finally right well here it is.

I want to go ahead and apologize for any harsh and\or uncensored language used in this blog. I will try to keep things positive.

So as I was saying moving on...... this blog is just an update to let all of you know what I have been doing these past few months nothing special really I have just been really busy I had a great Christmas, a very happy new year I can't believe it is 2017 already!!! Wow time just flies.

anyways I got me some Christmas money and I used that to build my stash back up finally right here is what I got with my money.

1. Diapers and pull-ups.
2. bottles and an important bottle brush.
3. wipes and diaper rash cream.

those things will be enough to get me by until I switch jobs this year I bought some cvs brand pull-ups for adult incontinence one package.
I bought some walgreens wellness briefs with adjustable tapes (they are like pull-ups but briefs) I got two packages of those.
and of course the all time favorite of mine Goodnites!!!! Two packages of those.

anyways the bottles I got from dollar general and the wipes and rash cream from wal-mart not that I ever needed the rash cream before but I seem to chaf a lot easier now then I have ever before and of course I got three bottles in a pack from DG which was a good deal but enough of hearing all this.

with my Christmas money I also got some stuff for vaping which awhile back like I said in my last blog. I got my new device I have a Ijust start+ white with charger and everything came with it this time including the owners manual but as I was saying before I used some of my money to get some supplies I needed for it siuch as new coils and new 30 ml bottle of juice.

but yes I am going to start looking for a new job this year I want to start fresh and start get my life back on track once I have a new job I feel like I will be happier.

well time to say good-bye for now maybe I n the next blog I will have more to say and tell.

stay cool, stay padded, and stay safe out there in the world.

sincerely, Bluefirejay

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