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Something I've always been interested in is... photography. Depression has taken a lot from me, but it has never taken photography. As I've begun to get better mentally, my love for photography increases. It gives me a sense of peace and distracts me from negative thoughts or feelings. If you're at all interested, I have some on my instagram. It's the same name as my username here and has a picture of "I'm a furry deal with it" as the profile picture. if you're on a computer. Please don't feel obligated to check it out, just throwing it out there for anyone who wanted to know. I don't take it too seriously or try to compete, but I have had a lot of other photographers follow me. It makes me feel a little famous when someone with 25k+ followers follows me lol.

At any rate, I've considered going to college for it, but I'm not sure I could make a career of it.
For now I only have my phone camera, but in the future I hope to buy a more professional camera. I do have a better device than my phone to use, but it's been having issues. I was originally going to post this in off-topic, but I saw there were already a few semi-recent posts regarding photography.


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    I'm no expert, but you do have some nice stuff there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx
    I'm no expert, but you do have some nice stuff there.
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