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My first blog post

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I loved the way this site advertised itself, I like the rules and I liked the idea it gives us an area to blog. I just want to get some stuff out and I am not necessarily looking for anyone to comment on it or heck even read it. So my first blog post. What led me to ADISC.

I have always been a DL but not so active online for 7-8 years. Until today. What brought me here? A google search for "Gabapentin + Bedwetting" which lead me to this article! amongst others confirming it is a side effect but a pretty rare one.

I have been suffering with pain since a disc in my back bulged and pinched a nerve. Among the Rx's the doctors supplied nothing was helping and I wasn't sleeping for a week so they added 300mg of Gabapentin at bed time.

Night 1: Woke up with the urge to pee so bad I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to have it start start coming out half way there.

Night 2: Woke up and felt myself peeing, I jumped up and pinched it off as I ran to the bathroom. Upon inspection coming back I had a basketball sized wet spot on the bed and my boxers.

Night 3: Now being a DL I had some Depends flex fits so I tossed one on and went to bed. Something I haven't done in a long time. This time I would not awake till morning and I was completely soaked, the bed as well.

I never wet the bed even as a kid. Oooo how I tried to as a kid. I would drink tons of water, tried sleeping with my own hand in buckets of water, tried waiting till I was bursting and laying down. Nothing. I was a DL who was cursed with the bladder of a tank. So as an adult this happening I was alarmed, then frustrated but secretly I am enjoying it a little.

Night 4: Formerly experimenting in the AB world I raided a box I packed away for many years. Inside some diapers (Abena's) and plastic pants. Other stuff also... but I don't need that. Again woke up in the morning SOAKED but safe. The diaper took it all.

Night 5: Another Abena and plastic pants. Again woke up soaked but this time I noticed small wet patches on my boxers where it leaked out of the plastic pants. Guess I am rusty at diapering and didn't tape up tight enough.

Night 6: Out of the old Abena's I put on another pullup I had stashed away. I think it was a tranquility pullup and put on the plastic pants. This morning I work up soaked and literately dripping wet when i stood up. Bed soaked as well. That thing was full front to back and then some. All I could think is WOW how relaxed are these pills making my nerves. I must of been peeing all night.

The pills are working for the pain and letting me sleep so I don't want to stop. Thank god for Amazon. Day 3 I ordered more Abena's and a cloth adult diaper as the plastic pants are... a bit embarrassing. I don't want my kid to hear me walking around in them in the morning while cleaning up.

We will see what tonight brings.


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    In the back of my mind, I'm glad that should anything happen where I have a control problem, I've got products and a lot of specialized knowledge/experience. I knock wood that my control remains excellent but it's good to know that I wouldn't be at sea if there was a problem. Seems like you're getting a handle on it. I hope you won't need to take that medication for long. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.