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Diapers in Public

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I keep the fact that I'm a diaper lover almost exclusively to myself. I can count the number of people who know on one hand. (One person who doesn't, for better or worse, is my fiancée, and I'll be keeping it like that a while longer--and possibly longer than that.) Ironically, though, one of my favourite things to do in diapers is wear them in public, and if there's something I like doing even more it's buying diapers while diapered. I've done both these things in the past 24 hours.

I did some last-minute Christmas shopping today while wearing an ATN that got progressively wetter throughout the morning. Yesterday, meanwhile, I ran a few errands including--including diaper shopping. I left the house in a damp M4; by the time I bought the diapers (the ATNs I was wearing this morning, actually) it was so wet I almost asked the pharmacist if there was a washroom where I could change. Instead, I brought a diaper to the adjacent grocery store and got changed in one of the public washrooms. (I've become an expert at getting changed standing up, which is an invaluable skill when you're wearing in public.) I drove home in a fresh diaper...and a pair of damp sweats.

It's hard to believe there was a point where I didn't love wearing diapers in public. Like most of us, I was afraid of getting caught. The first few times I wore in public (and they were very occasional at first) I'd wear boxer briefs and compression shorts overtop my diapers, then tuck my undershirt into my jeans (never sweats) before fastening my belt as tightly as possible. It took me years--literally, years--to realize something: no one knows, or cares, what I'm wearing under my pants (or what I'm wearing as pants, for that matter). I realized, too, that there was usually so much noise wherever I went that there was virtually no chance of someone hearing the tell-tale crinkling sound. Besides, even if they did, they wouldn't necessarily put two and two together. The only people who'd heard that sound and immediately thinks "diapers!" are probably ABDLs.

Those twin realizations gave me the confidence to start wearing more often. Wetting in public soon followed, and shortly after that I stopped thinking about the fact I was diapered: it became normalized. And then I stopped worrying about buying diapers in person. Soon, buying diapers (especially while wearing one) became one of my favourite activities. It's such a rush carrying a bag of diapers to the counter and imagining the cashier knowing they're for me and that I'm probably wearing one already. Every so often I'll visit an actual ABDL store (there's a great one about an hour away) where the store clerks know I'm wearing a diaper. That, to me, is the biggest rush of all.

(One day I'm going to buy diapers and then ask to get changed in the store. It's one of my biggest fantasies.)

So how to reconcile these two sides of me: the side that doesn't want anyone to know I wear diapers and the one that loves wearing them out and about? I don't know yet. It took me ages to get comfortable wearing diapers in public. But I've really only talked about being a diaper lover with one other person, and while her reaction was everything I could've hoped for it still seems impossible sharing this side of me with other people, not even my future wife. Let's see what 2017 brings. Maybe I'll finally come clean.

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    I wear for need all the time for four years since a car - bike accident. I wear adult briefs and plastic pants for bowel and bladder. I don't toilet. I don't get hard. Although I try to make a bm at certain times, about once a week, I deficate in my briefs during the day and often in public. I have to wear one or two pairs of plastic pants to control the odor until I can clean up.Leaking or smelling in public is my worst fear. I use 5-7 briefs per day often with a liner or fecal pad inside. I have to carry diaper supplies with me at all times. I suggest the briefs in the video - seni quatro.
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    Changing briefs standing is pivotal to managing incontinence in public. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.