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You could theoretically use anything for a diaper

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I think I kind of got of topic and it turned into how to make makeshift diapers but all well.
Be warned that one image is from a previous post on ADISC

May or may not be intended for all ages?
I have been thinking a lot about what you can use for make shift diapers and I thought to myself why not go over somethings that you maybe able to possably use as makeshift diapers. Now be aware that some of these may not work or may not work for everyone but I will give you a few. If anyone else has any ideas yourself you can always let me know what is a best makeshift diaper you use. Or if any of them work for you or just feel free to comment.
:'( I do not get many comments on my blogs...
Anyway lets get started

Also be aware they will be images and hyperlinks if the videos URL or the upload video feature dose not work. These will be instructional videos showing you how to make a make shift diaper we hope. If not it might be something else???

So here is one I question can you use a puppy pad as a make shift diaper? You may or may not be able too. I heard they are exobent from the secret life of the human pup. Here are what they look like

Sometimes they come in plastic packaging too. I was a little curious so googling puppy pad diapers I found this video
If that did not work click on the hyerlink

They is more then 1 part to this but I am sure you can watch the other parts on youtube.
I think you could always find a toilet and try wrapping it around your leg or you can try to cut it up in a shape of a diaper. If it is too small you can alwas sellotape another half on that half.
You could do the same thing with bed pads if they fin enough basically do the same thing as the dog video. You might not need to cut them in 3's or 4's though. Maybe just cut a diaper shape though them? And no adding tail parts unless your wearing it with your fursuit.

Another way that you can make, Make shift diapers is though toilet roll and no I am not going to give you that long video on youtube where a woman shows you how to make a toilet roll diaper by wrapping it around her trouses.
Nope. Instead I will just say that you can use toilet roll in 2 ways the first is wrapping it around your whole weist and keep wrapping it around you until the tube is empty. Onece the tube is enpty you can flaten the tupe and put it near your errm... Priverts. For extra ebsobent.
The other way is lying the toilet role though you pants and they have too be briefs or they have to be in a way that the continence do not fall out if that makes sence. Basically no boxers!
If you just want it for the feel of things or to go to the toilet then a nice well lyered strip up and down the pants should be perfect.
If you are planning on something else then I surgest lyering the pants up around the weist of your legs and around the wings. Let no part of your pants be without some TP paper protecting it. Then in the morning you can slowly put your urms. down the toilet by dropping the waist but not the pants in. And also the toilet papper. Some people stuff them in while others put them in gently and nice and strait.
I will give you the link to abdl podcast which is a 18+ by the way due to it been adult baby content but do not worry 18+ people that just means that it is for adult baby it is not expliset or imapropriote. Try looking at episode 12 and episode 11 Tod says he use to use toilet roll to make diapers.
They is also other things you can search for how to make a plastic bag diaper but it is sort of similer to the tissue methered the only diffrence is that you put a plastic bag underneath the tissues instead of relining on the tissues.

Another thing you can do is make your diaper out of towels. This gives the feel of a cloth or a towel diaper and can be used again and again.
But keep in mind this is not for those who like disposables or want to hide the fact that they are wearind diapers. If you do this and you live under family/carers ruff and you despritly want to try this do not wet or mess them. This is for those who live on their own or do there own laundry.
It is using a mulititude of folded up towels and putting them on a sheet or a bigger towel or what ever is going to suport your towels from falling out. Now this is British so when he says nappy he is meaning diaper. You then put toilet role or a folded puppy pad he he we are coming back to that, folded puppy pad on the absorbent part and fold them tucking the underneath of the edges so it gos into the towels. Anything to protect the bottom half from getting messy.

If the video embead did not work click here the link will take you to youtube though you have to conferm you age.
It is a diffrent gimic for other towel DIY diapers but it is the same using the towel for the middle metherd and if you are indrested on how you put a plastic pants for beddy time to protect your bed then this video will show you him with a cloth diaper getting into it. He is showing you how to do a truditional cloth diaper but I am sure you can combine what he showed us in the previous video. Let's hope hyperlinks do not go down

If you want something a little more closer to a disposable then watch this lovely video made by someone called jmarpatd on youtube. Here is the link for the video Making my plastic diaper

Here is a video at is like Making a plastic diaper but with ducktape. It dose not really show you how he made it though. He used a pad so I do not know weather that is cheating? He looks a little bit young. If I have to with help could the admins or mods take the link out or at least deleate the whole thing. It is hard to say his age

The last way is sewing the nappy yourself. They are loads of sewing videos you can watch here is one The basics Start off with just sawing some random bit of meterial at is cheap or you do not need anymore.

The key is basically keep on practicing and maybe do some sewing that is non babyfur/abdl related.
Then your ready to follow video instructions of making a diaper and scailing the size up if needs be
OK I know that video is to make a baby diaper but it is kind of hard to find sewing how to make a adult diaper. I bet most places just want you to pay for them.

Another way is try Asking people on this community or any other adult baby community if any of them would teach you how to sew. They can send you pictures with captions. Or write it out. Or make YouTube videos and putting them as unlisted. I am sure they will be people who can teach you.
Whould anyone be willing at knows how to sew diapers to teach a person to sew adult diapers on this fourm. Or teenage diapers. I do not know everyones age? So anyone willing if it arrises?
You could also meet them in public to go back for lessions. But make sure you meet them and know them first.

I hope this blogged helpped you please comment, like and keep finding new ways to make diapees

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