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If you plan to leave home as a ABDL/Babyfur

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IF you plan to leave home as a ABDL/Babyfur including diaperfur and any diaper wearing related disiars
WANING: Dose not take into consideration of incontinence

So Many of us or some of us dream or imagine been able to put on a diaper without shame of others seeing what we do. To get away from our parents/carers/family ant/anty/grandmar/grandad/brother/sister/unkle/nethues ect.
Been able to leave your home in order to explore potties, dummies, rattles and most of you who come here diaper's. Yes I know some of you sneak diaper's into the house when your family/carers are asleep and that is fine. If you are happy doing that then you keep doing that disregard this unless you want to read all of it or your some what intrested in what I say then stay.

First things first get a car if you can
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If you can try to learn in a manual one. I do not know about the USA but over here if you can learn in a manual car you can have the choice between automatic and manual. If it turns out that you can not drive a manual and you have to go in a automatic it is not the end of the world. Having a automatic car is the best thing. Litually foot down and go!
Why move away from your carers/family when you can drive half a mile away from them.
You have to take a driving test though and study hard and if you fail you get back up again STRONGER THEN EVER!
They are benifits of having a car for example. You can buy diapers from the good will or Wallmarts or white castle. Sorry I am not American I am British so I do not know all the stores. Then once you buy the diapers you can put them in the trunk of your boot even if you live at home besides even nosy parents can not get in your car without the keys.
It can also be a life saver when you move because you can move some of the stuff or all of it to your new place. Or at least the valuble once that magically disaper when the moving house crew moves them for you theifs.
If you can not pass the test by what ever means nessersery do not worry you can still find a way to move out though it maybe a little more difficult.

Next thing charity work

This is optional but it makes your CV or how do you Americans put it Resuma shine. It also makes your parents/carers/who ever is looking after you think wow now there is a person at can hold a job and you might get out of your home faster due to showing indipendence and working a job. It also grants you experience as well stuff like labling items with prices, Working a cash till, sticking stickers on bags...? yeah I did that
But it is all part of experience you can do for a job like
  • labling items with prices - labling products with prices

  • Working a cash till - Shop cashier

  • Sticking stickers on bags...? - Wear house work

All these things are good to take into consideration.

Consider where you want to live?

Think to yourself where do you want to live?
That dose not mean go out and buy or rent somewhere ?
Think it over in your mind. You probably will only be able to rent somewhere this gives you a choice between renting a house if you have the money? Renting a apartment which might be more on your leavel of money? Going council which is a long waiting list what fun DX
or renting one of those live together flats or apartments. Which for some of you might make hiding diapers from a person that much tricker and may remind you of the time you was hiding diapers from your parents/carers at home. Some of you might.
Also consider looking online for houses and talking to people online who are looking for a person to stay with. You will have to meet them in person as well and chat more about it! They are even babyfurs/Diaperfurs/ABDL's who would happily looking for someone to be a extra roomate.
Though if your planning on wearing diapers around the house or where ever your staying with them ask if that is alright first. Like wise if you use your diapers ask if it would be OK if you use them. But enough about that these are only thoughts

Talk to your parents/carers about moving out!

t is OK to talk to your parent/carers about moving out of your house and posibly finding somewhere else to live. It is a natual thing for a younge adult/adult/teenager at best to fly the nest and live indipendently. Your parents may even help you. That is if they are not one of these parents when once you get to a certain age they kick you out of the house.
Or the other kind where they forbid you to leave the house and you will stay with them forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and they died but still you do not leave the house you enherit the house and you must not leave the house! XD
One point I will make clear about this though!
Never, never, ever tell your parents or carers that you want to move out so you can live a ABDL life style of wearing adult nappies, Crying, Using your adult nappies and inviting other ABDL friends over for a house warming party and undergo the changing of nappies! First of all you could be in risk of loosing where you live and depending on how stricked the parents/carers are you may get kicked out with just the cloths at you are wearing.
Second of all it could jepradise your future home where you will be living. If I was a non ABDL Babyfur Diaperfur and I heard my son/daughter wanted to live on her own just so she could wear diapers I might be outraged and try stopping them from achiving their goal!
Third of all you may or may not get sent to ether 3 of these places. Theoripy, Phycology, Councelling. If you tell a parent that they may think your obsessed and may think one of these shrinks might be benifitual. Or they may think your mentaly unwell and you need to be cured. I do not repricent parents so how should I know!
Fourth in a very rare situation they may send you off to a funny farm good luck with that.
Fith of all they may tell social media like write it on facebook or chat to others like mum sites on how to adress the situation. They may go onto google and get the compleatly wrong end of the stick all together because they is a lot of websites at would lable us pedos and mentaly unwell enough for parents to take action! Yes it is miss information but the parents are been injected with a hyper dermic needle telling them the information at dose not exist and because they are passive they take it in!
Talking to your parents about moving out is a good thing. Infact they may even help you with such things. Like you could move in with Gary down the road. Now Gary is a smelly man at never showers and you do not want to live with him but his your dads mate! So you would keep Gary in mind but you would not stay with him untill you hear the other options and you do not want to offend dad as well.
That is just a example.
They may talk about a conjoint house where you could have a door in the middle and your parents could check up on you when ever they liked.
Or more realisticly a house where they can live next door to you and see weather you are OK and check up on you. You can always change the locks if they are noisy parents or get a latch if changing locks is not permitted on a renting house.
They may suggest indipendent youth hostles or specil housing where you have people checking up on you to see weather you are all right or at best phoning.

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