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Making a Decision

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There really isn't much to say really. I made a decision recently and i'm going to follow through with it. It's probably not what some people would want so that is why i'm not going to say exactly what it is I decided. However, before that I would like to apologize to the everyone on the forum, I know I have been quite the pain in the back side to deal with. I really do wish I was a different person. I wish I had been more kind, polite, and understanding. Thank you all who have been there for me, and especially those who where able to deal with my terrible personalty. Also, no worries, i'm fine.

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  1. PrincessSara's Avatar
    You have not been a pain the backside to deal with, you have been a strong amazing person thats defied the odds through alot of roughness and kept it together. I love you bunnykitteh and hope this decision is in your best interests, know I will always be waiting for your return, and that I already have been missing you from the cozy corner on discord and despite your wishes, I have been worrying...please be safe, look after yourself and continue being awesome <3

    To days to come,
  2. LittleJess's Avatar
    I know times are hard, but people care about you.

    I know what it's like to think people don't it's a terrible feeling, You have amazing artwork.

    I just want to say something but don't want to specificly say it in the blog, but I know that feeling, I've had it happen to me before, scrolling on facebook seeing other people get praised or cared about. It's a terrible feeling. and most people for example forgot my Birthday. I spent my birthday alone, and had no one remember It, no one bothered to post happy birthday on my wall even though it notifies them. Yet crying inside because someone elses birthday was a day later and 100+ people wished them happy birthday, and that person is a terrible person.

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