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i have come out that i wear napp

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its great that it come out that need wear nappy as I have enlarge prostrate and sensitive bladder , I live with my auntie she talked about my problem's next thing she come home with a pad her friend give , I then went to a shop what sell pads and nappies and a friendly lady shop worker give me advice she said don't be embarrassed when it was for me so for work it was Molimed maxi comfort pads and plastic pants for bed time to have good sleep was molimed maxi nappies as she said lot young men buy then so have good sleep now in shop she ask me to try new brand so I have forma-care slips they are very good I have not had a leak even sitting up after all night on and wet she ask me what the nappies like when I return In front of other shoppers , but I did worry if they see that I got nappies for me ask say they good comfortable and hold well

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