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Yet another therapy post!!!!!!!

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Warning this is venting and if you are not into that kind of thing then go!

No I am not in a good mood!!!!!!!

I have hinted in the past that I have a stressful living situation going on and it is not improving if not getting worse.

The next person to tell me to "suck it up its Christmas" is risking getting a new one chewed.

I have my brother -in-law and his "thing" living with us. Both are drunks and do nothing!!!!!!
I have my brother who is also homeless living with us, but he is at least buying food at the first of the month and helping out once and a while.
My Mother-in-law also lives with us and that is just a strange as the other situations.

My Brother-in-law was told to leave in July but has managed to make deals so he can stay. He has since been told too not only leave but "get the hell out!" and that to was over turned by the Wife and mother-in-law.

The last time they where told to leave it was arranged and they where to leave on Monday. The reason being is they had taken it upon them selves to let them selves in by climbing through the window the mother-in-law left unlocked for them.

Here it is a week later and they could not leave because they did not get the money they expected, however they have enough money to be drunk every day this week and last night they let them selves into the house at 2:00 am because Dear Mommy gave them a key to the house.

I was told that I need to get a grip and be more respectful because it is Christmas!!!!!

Now the family is mad at me for being mean and my wife does not want to cause an issue, But she gets mad at me when I show her that they are taking our food. They said it was because we do not treat them very nice and they are short on money.

When I brought up that they go through a $15 plus tax bottle of booze a day, so they do have money. I was called a long string of explanative and chastised for being inconsiderate of the sick (alcoholic) at Christmas times!!!!!

Gee I wonder why I am having seasonal depression issues right now!!!

I will have a good talk with my councilor at group on Tuesday.


  1. Maxx's Avatar
    Ack. Lots of sympathy.... no useful advice. With your wife and her mother on the other side of it, there isn't much you can do unless and until they change their minds.

    At one point I had daughter, her husband, two kids, and their giant doberman living with us. It was crowded, but at least they didn't drink.
  2. Slomo's Avatar
    Time to call the cops and have them forcibly removed. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.