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Finally making the dream a reality...

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A few nights ago, my wife and I discussed something that had been weighing heavily on my heart. Several years ago, when we were still dating, we discussed the possibility of one day having a nursery for me to play in, and she agreed that this dream would become a reality one day.

Until now, we've never had the space to make it work... so over the years we've built forts and other temporary play spaces for me to be little in. When the end of the day or weekend would come and it was time to put everything away, it always felt like a slightly sad affair.

Well, I recently had the opportunity to move my home office into a coworking space for nearly free, so I can meet with my team and conduct business without the need for a dedicated office at home. All of a sudden, the possibilities started popping off in my brain... This would mean that I'd finally have room for a nursery!

I decided now was the best time to start building my nursery, so I brought up the subject with my wife. Even though it was something she knew I still wanted, and that we had discussed in the past, I still felt apprehension bringing it up. I felt like I was asking for a toy from "last season"... like it was some tacky idea that I should have outgrown years ago. I was nervous that my wife might not see it as a priority... since it would cost a bit of money to pull off and there are many more "functional" things we could do with the space that she would enjoy.

In spite of my fears, I opened the discussion and pled my case. I told her how much I dreamed of waking in my crib, and why I feel like I need to have my nursery fantasy realized. Even though she assured me that a nursery was ok and I could build a crib, her eyes began to tear up. She told me that idea of sleeping separately was really upsetting to her, and even though it made sense that I would want to sleep in my crib, sleeping apart after 5+ years together would be lonely. She made it clear that she didn't want it to be an every-night occurrence.

Until we had this talk, it didn't really occur to her that a crib would mean sleeping separately from time to time... so addressing this fear was really important for both of us. We've been sharing the same bed for so long, it was hard to imagine that changing. I suppose it will feel odd at first, but we agreed that we would could come up with a schedule. Ultimately, spending nights in my crib will be a privilege that I must earn, and that's a dynamic I've been craving in our relationship for some time... so it was an easy comprimise to make. Deep down, I know that her insecurity about sleeping alone stems from how much she loves me, how closely we've bonded and not wanting to be without me.

My heart is overflowing with joy and excitement!

I wanted to start planning out the whole nursery project immediately... so I did. I also decided that I wanted to blog about the build, from start to finish. I feel like if I can pull this off, and document it well enough for others, anyone could build a nursery they can be proud of.

So... here we go! I'm so excited that ADISC offers a blog feature... it reminds me of everything I loved about Diaper Space, but with a better interface and less riff-raff. I'll be posting everything under the category "Building My Nursery" so check back often for updates.

**REQUEST** If you have wood-working or construction experience, and wouldn't mind me asking you a few questions by e-mail or by Skype, I'd love to connect with you. Please PM me or leave a message in the comments below.

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