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War of Emotions and Thaoughts

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For the past few weeks (Maybe a month) I have been going through a long social withdraw. I feel like I am an annoying freak who no one cares about. I feel like that everything I say or do doesn't make a positive difference in this world.
Sometimes I feel like everyone can read my thoughts and that they know everything about me. The thing I eat, the things I like or dislike, and also the actions I commit.
I feel like this blog that I am typing right now wouldn't matter to anyone who reads it. I feel that everyone who looks at me or listens to me thinks that I am the most annoying and pathetic person alive. Maybe they are right...
I just don;t know what to think right now...
Sometimes I feel like I am multiple people in the same body. My interests will change within a few seconds, my actions and my attitude would change within an instant. I could act all depressed like everyone hates me, to
becoming someone with a high enthusiasm that doesn't have a care in the world. And sometimes I feel like my shoulder Demon and Angel argue back and forth around my head filling my mind with dark and painful thoughts.
I don't know what to think or do right now, I feel like I am going insane in the inside right now.

What is wrong with me...?

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