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Wife discovers my baby pants

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Thanks for the suggestions. My wife just discovered my training pants. I have kept my ABDL in my head to get an erection for masturbation until recently I purchased some cloth diapers, training pants and plastic pants and really liked peeing and pooping in my pants but went through a purge because I was so afraid of being discovered. Then bought more and was found out by my wife. I explained my lifelong fascination with ABDL but she did not want to talk about the details, then I just wore them to bed the next night and she didn't care for it. I asked her to accept me like this and she said it was asking a lot. I would like her to accept it even if she does not want to be involved with it. At the very least, I would like to wear my baby things in the evening at home even if I wear them under my PJs or pants. I certainly do not intend to force this issue. We have been married for a long time and I do not intend for my interest in baby things to harm my marriage any further. I will get rid of my baby things if my wife cannot accept me wearing them.


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    Two weeks after I was first discovered, my wife and I have had a few long discussions about my ABDL side. I have also had a counseling session. It has been interesting and amazing.

    First, I told my wife during our engagement that I liked to wear diapers and even pooped in them. She states now 34 years later that she has no recollection of this discussion. It was a conversation late at night on a long Amtrak trip from Chicago to Denver. It was a conversation that I deeply remember. I thought afterwards that it would come back to haunt me but she never said a word about it. Now she has no recollection of the conversation and I wonder if she was sleeping and I didn't know it. We have always had a very trusting relationship and she is not disputing that I tried to tell her on that train trip.
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    After full disclosure of all my ABDL kinks and asking for her thoughts, she agreed that I probably cannot get over my baby urges by just purging one more time. I told her that if I did throw everything away that I would probably buy more at some later date and would likely keep it secret. I am tired of the hiding and she is too. I suggested it would be better if I just kept my baby things out in the open where she would know what was going on.

    She said that my pooping and peeing in my pants was disgusting. She is OK with me wearing my baby things when she is not around. She is also OK with me keeping my baby things in our bedroom closet. She did ask that I place the items in a cardboard box rather than in a clear plastic box.
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    On the sexual side, my wife told me she could not handle seeing me masturbate and that I should keep that to myself. I have no problem accepting that restriction. I have always been very discrete when masturbating.

    I countered that I thought the baby pants might help me perform for her sexually and that perhaps I should wear them as part of our foreplay. I have to explain that I am 63 and my erections with her have been less that 100% in our last few lovemaking trists. Perhaps it was my distraction about my ABDL (but that has not been a problem in the past) or perhaps it is just erectile dysfunction.

    Why would bringing my baby things into our foreplay be any worse than using Viagra or other methods of artificial stimulation such as gels? My wife did not outright reject this, but said she wasn't ready to go there.
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