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Entry #4

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I couldn't think of a better title right now, it's been a while since I have been on here, so i'm out of practice.

For those who have been following from the get-go, i'm going to try and get on here more often, as a lot has happened since my last entry. That being said I suppose I should elaborate.

I did move to that big city I mentioned in my previous entry, at first I was living with a couple who, at the time, were my mommy and daddy. Now even then I couldn't shake that thought of having to stay out of that place in my mind, because there were still responsibilities I had. Due to a lot of situations that came up, and one big conflict over financial stability, I not only broke things off with them, but I moved into another place to save me the trouble of living in a potentially volatile situation.

Since then I have gained friends, lost a few of said friends, learned a number of lessons, but with all of that I also sorta lost the ability to get to that point where I could just let loose, and allow the stress to fall off. I'm looking into a number of different programs and what-not, in order to try and stabilize as much of my life as possible, but the question I ask myself remains "Will I ever get back to that place, where not only did I forget worry for a time, but I felt genuine happiness?"

Some questions are better left unanswered for the moment I guess.

Until next time!

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