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Annoyingly Loud Diaper Tapes

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As you know I wear diapers due to my earlier blogs, but what you don't know is how I feel about it as secretary I am retraining myself to become a baby of sorts this is because of my past traumas and also because I am trying to wear diapers all the time tho I because I am disabled and wet the bedding if I don't wear diapers or have daytime accidents in public.

This really depresses me because I have little to no pre-warning of when I am going to have a bad day and although I can sometimes on a good month get away with not wearing any diapers although mostly its not a good time and because of this fact I am trying to get some help by going into part-time care but thats another blog that I have already written about.

My greatest frustration's with plastic backed disposable diapers is that the plastic tags which are used to close the diaper are so loud when being refastened this is particularly annoying at night time as thats when I usually have to change out of my soiled diapers this realm annoyingly makes me stick out as a saw thumb because everytime I fix diapers on myself they make an annoyingly loud noise.

And whilst I have never had anyone complain about this problem I fear it's just a matter of time before someone does and I don't want that kind of hate because I don't want to have that kind of unwanted attention from people who don't know me this I why I am going to try and get somebody else to try and care for me like a baby but with some of the dignity which comes with being a 36 year old man.

But should my disabilities get worse over time I will consider becoming a full time baby in terms of my care although I am not a Adult Baby or Diaper lover this is because I have issues with a broken or incomplete childhood.

Yours sincerely

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