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Dogs and diapers

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The other day I was watching a documentary about service dogs and this got me thinking about my own situation, you see the thing I as your all to aware by now I have to wear diapers due to my disabilities this has been going on with me for the past six years.

The reason I bring the subject of a dog into this is because I am highly autistic and have other problems with short-term memory loss due to epilepsy that I suffered as a pre-teen/adolescent when I was 12-13 years old which also left me with problems with my bladder.

You see the thing is that I was thinking if I get a puppy as a service dog then perhaps I should train her to wear diapers so she doesn't mess up my new house that I am getting/moving into next year and If I do train her to wear them then maybe I should start wearing diapers more myself so she isn't embarrassed about the same things I am so in a essence she would become my diaper mate permantly as I don't want to toilet train her because of the fact that actually made me worse in my life nowadays 34 years ago.

I don't want to be selfish but I don't want to be cruel either and that is a dilemma for me because of the fact I will have to essentially become her pearent for the remainder of her life, the reason I am considering a puppy is that I had too little time with my last furry soulmate as she only knew me for the last 5 years of her life and that was my biggest cause of regret eithen-though that was beyond my control as I feel guilty about it to this day.

If I was successful in getting a new girl as a puppy I would call her Freeway in memory of my late beloved soulmate and lover and would choose a Golden Collidoor/labrador retreiver hybrid as I would prefer that she had the loyalty of a Labrador but whilst having the intellect of a border collie.

Yours sincerely

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