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Mommy/Little First Time

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About 2 weeks ago I cant really remember I posted my first forum on this site about how i've become my boyfriends Mommy .I am going to now tell you about my experience the first time I babied and diapered my boyfriend.We couldn't do this at my house because I still live with my parents so we went to his house instead because nobody was home.Hes at work so I'm very nervous about what I'm going to do and how its going to turn out.I started packing our things,we are planning to stay for two days.He gets home from work and we are both nervous and have my mom take us to his house.We get there and I don't know where to start.I had been reading on the internet about what should mommys do for there babies so I start to relax and go to the restroom to run him a bath.I stayed in the restroom till the tub was full of water and bubbles,I called him in and undressed him I knew he was nervous because he was shaking and his teeth were rattling.He gets into the bath and we talked for about 15 minuets about how he managed to hide his liking to diapers and how hes wore around everyone he knows including me without anyone ever noticing.I was surprised as to how long he hid diapers and the fact that he liked and wore them once in a while.I ended up taking him out and walk him to the bedroom were his teeth just could not stop rattling.I dried him and put baby lotion on him.Next, he walks me over to this box of diapers he bought 6 months ago that I had no clue about and I picked out a diaper with the cutest print.So I layed him down and put two of the Walgreens diapers on him and then the printed little paws diaper.He was embarrassed and hugging his bear.After,I got these full body PJS.That he had it was Winnie the Pooh.Then, I layed with him and put spongebob on and watched it with him, hugged him,and told him how much I loved my cute little baby.We then both ended up falling asleep.Many times he asked me if it was "weird" or "too much" but i told him "no".I love him very much and this is a part of him and I never want him to be ashamed because maybe other people won't understand him but I do and that all that matters and he should never worry because I will never judge him.I told him "I am here to love you and care for you never to hurt you".We are happy now more than ever because he doesn't have to hide from me any longer.


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    It sounds like you handled yourself pretty well!! From his perspective, I bet you were perfect. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.