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My history.

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Hello all,

So I made an intro and have been replying to posts. I believe my first post was about how I came to be a DL. So here goes my story.

It all began when I was 7, I had just been adopted, and if any of you have been adopted at an older age, you know that it can be a traumatic life event.

That first summer my father took me to a youth retreat that he would be a small group leader. I was left at a camp nearby that was part of the retreat.

I remember meeting a boy my age, Charlie, who had issues wetting the bed. But i could feel a connection, and we quickly became friends. As it turned out we were in the same hotel, on the same floor and only two rooms away from each other. Charlie invited me to come to his room and show me all the cool Pokémon cards he had.

Low and behold he had his Goodnites out in the open. Now, at this point I was curious about the situation. He explained to me his bed wetting issues and told me he had to wear at night. He pulled a goodnite out of the bag they were in and handed it to me. Asking me if id like to see how it felt.

I had never felt so relaxed in my life. Even though it was for 20 or so minutes before his mother was to walk in. Thankfully i wasn't cuaght. But that started my curiosity. A day or two later, charlie asked me if I wanted to stay in his room that night and after begging my father I was allowed.

We slept in the same bed that night as most young kids do. And had a fun sleep over. Until I wet the bed. I did everything right and used the bathroom before bed and everything. I felt so bad, but Charlie's mother was the kindest person about it, obviously because of Charlie she had an extra pair of pajamas for me and of course washed the sheets and my soiled clothing before the morning. My father never found out. But I was ashamed. After that incident i changed into one of the goodnites that Charlie had. I don't think ive ever slept that good. The nightmares were gone and of course I woke up dry.

I never did hear from Charlie after that year.

Ever since then my want for diapers grew and grew.

When my sister was in pull ups Id sneak a few here and there. Not to wet, but to wear. Of course my partners knew what was going on and told me if I wanted to wear that id be treated like a baby... And that's when i became ashamed of my DL'ness.

It wasn't until a teenager that I tried to start wearing again. Until once again I was caught. I had bought my own package of goodnites and my nosey parents found them. Ashamed I stopped.

And here we are today. I will be getting my first pack in a long time. I'm curious how it will feel wearing at night again. But I wont know until tomorrow.

Updates to follow!!!

Written in Reno NV -PT-

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