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Most amazing regression experience of my life

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Where to start?
Ok I'll start at the beginning,
my previous partner didn't originally know I was ab/dl,
She had been expressing a severe need to be mothering towards someone. This is when I came out to her.
Surprisingly she was excited about having another little girl.
We discussed age regression and basic rules, and decided to take two weeks vacation. The wait till then was excruciating, we bought all nescessary supplies including a supply of diapers, clothing, dishes, soothers, formula, bottles, a crib, high chair, playpen, stroller and lots of other small stuff.
When the day came, it was so amazing. I woke up to being diapered (properly) a bottle followed by a few jars of baby food. She made me crawl to the couch (she couldn't carry me) we snuggled and watch chef Dora.
Then to my surprise she lifted her top to reveal a nursing bra. At first I was confused but quickly realized she had gotten a feeding device from the hospital.
She lifted my head to her breast and began to feed me. After half an hour of feeding she got me into the playpen where my toys, pillows and blankies were.
I felt quite tired but by bladder was full, so naturally I wet, which was followed by another urge which had to be dealt with, I tried to say I have to use the toilet but she responded " no more toilets for you little one, and babies don't speak. If you speak again I'll have to punish you" it was then that I messed my first nappie.
So I layed down and curled up, falling asleep almost immediately.
I was woken up two hours later. Taken to the changing table. And changed (once again, perfectly)
After changing it was lunch time I was brought over to my high chair and fed lunch.
Immediately following, back to the couch and breast fed again.
I actually fell asleep while feeding.
When I woke up I was still on the couch but surrounded by pillows, it was then that I wet again.
It was nearly feeding time again so I stayed quiet and waited for mommy to finish chores.
When she was done she came over to me raised my torso slid under and began to breast feed me again,
During feeding I messed again.
She must not have noticed because I went back in the playpen till next feeding.
When I woken up it was dinner time.
I was changed once again and brought to the high chair.
More baby food and another feeding.
After cuddling for a bit I was brought to the bathroom to have a bath, I was properly bathed, dried off, changed and put into my Pj,s
We cuddled again for a while. Mommy fed me again and led me to my crib. I was put to bed and fell asleep reasonably quickly.
About four hours later I was woken up, changed (as I had wet myself) and fed again. I was then brought to the hall and put in my stroller.
We went for a walk and a jog.
During which I messed again and wet as well.
When we got home I was changed again, and fed as well. I was then put back to bed. Four hours later around 6 am I was woken up by her friend who said that "mommy had gotten called into work and she was my babysitter" she got me up changed my diaper and fed me breakfast and gave a bottle,we cuddled almost all day watching t.v and sleeping. Being fed every four hours.
When mommy got home I was happy to see her smiling face.
When my babysitter left, I was fed dinner and breast fed again.
My mommy only got called in once on her days off.
But this all continued for another 10 days,
It was without a doubt the most surreal time of my life. I sooo want to find this again
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