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anyone ever just fill a diaper with water to simulate wetting?

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ill fill a diaper with water every now and then...i like wetting but i just dont like how it makes me smell and it gives the same feel just use warm water, anyone else ever do this or just me?


  1. Maxx's Avatar
    Nope. But I did, as a pre-teen, or young teenager, occasionally poop in plastic bags then put the sealed bag in my diaper just to get the feel without the smell and cleanup. When you're young, living with parents. and home alone time is at a premium....
  2. BluefireJay05's Avatar
    @Maxx: that one made me laugh for some strange reason thanks!

    @Ilovezuma: I have actually done this fill diapers with water and i have jumped in swimming pools wearing goodnites and yes it does get filled quickly and becomes very BIG!! imagine walking around in a goodnite after being in a pool for two hours. LOL
    Updated 31-Oct-2016 at 01:46 by BluefireJay05 (wanted to add who i was referring to in the comment.)
  3. Chinababy888's Avatar
    Yes but only to test a new product that I hadn't tried to check I was as absorbent as they claimed it was although I didn't get paid to do this because it was on my own terms and I was always curious about the amount a new product aka a diaper could physically hold before I gave way or broke apart I did see similar things on youtube but it's just not the same as doing the testing yourself no offence.

    I think its probably a good idea to test a new diaper before you try them on because you never know how good or bad they are until they are on you literally speaking.

    Yours sincerely
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