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This is not the only side of me?? #6

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Hello again to all reading this blog I hope is right with you on your side of things.

Btw this will be a very short blog about some AB stuff and not so here goes....

I was starting to get stash built back up I had a package of Goodnites a while back but I ran through those like they were nothing!! I have continued to hold on to the rest of my stash what I have left.

It s quite sad I have a little left and I try to keep on to it but I will get it built back up eventually!! and be happy again.

Another thing I do is I vape now and have been vaping since April the end of April I totally quit smoking. and I am glad I have and thing I want to get is a new e-cig much stronger one with better battery life all that jazz!

Anyways another I want talk about is the fact the I got to see Baby Mitchy on True lie MTV it was crazy but I think he did a great job so big shoutout to Baby Mitchy you made it to TV!

Thanks for doing that maybe you and the others can make a difference! BTW if you read this Mitch what happened we stopped being friends on here I noticed this a while back and have been meaning to ask you but I can't send you private messages or visitor messages sorry I had to do this here but what happened? I am wondering because I thought everything was cool between us I am not nor have I ever been trying to creep you out or offend you in anyway shape or form.

Now sorry for this blog being short and long at the same time I have to cut it a bit short and leave all of you here i hope to hear from you soon Mitch about our friend thing here on the site sorry but i had to finally mention it. I would just like us to be friends on here again.

Everybody stay cool, stay happy, and always be yourself!

Sincerely, Bluefirejay

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