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My ABDL Path Part 1: Two-Year-Old Memory (1997)

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Perhaps the first step in my path toward becoming a DL and slight AB was a very short memory I have from when I was just a little colt, probably around two years old, back in 1997. I was sitting in the foyer in my house (where I still live today, almost two decades later) near the front door, and like a lot of toddlers, I suddenly found myself wetting my diaper. I recall the sound of my pee hitting the diaper. I guess I was indifferent to what was going on. This memory is only a couple seconds long, but it sticks out clearly in my mind. I consider this the first of many steps that took me to where I am with diapers today. The second step, and probably the first major step, was my refusal to get potty-trained as a three-year-old! Stay tuned because I'm gonna try to make that one really funny.

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