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Introduction to my blog

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Welcome to my ADISC blog! No, I'm not a horse; I'm a 21-year-old human. And I don't actually think I'm handsome. I simply love horses a lot, and was just going to make my username "stallion" to be ironic, since a stallion is a full-grown male horse, and being "full-grown" is the complete opposite of being the infants and toddlers many of us on ADISC like to pretend to be. Then I decided to add an adjective to my username, and came up with "handsome" because "handsome stallion" just seems to flow well. I grabbed my avatar off Google Images because I love horses in epic poses like that.

I'm a DL with slight AB tendencies, in that I prefer youth-oriented diapers over adult ones, but otherwise make no attempt to behave like a baby. I mainly wear Goodnites because I'm just small enough to fit in them, and they're childish enough for me. Sometimes I use Pampers and Huggies as stuffers. Very occasionally I'll buy store-brand adult diapers, but not Depends because I don't like the fact that they look and feel like non-protective underwear these days, and also I'm not ready to order other brands like Abena and Molicare yet.

On the outside, and most of the time on the inside, I act like a typical 21-year-old. But sometimes in my mind, I'll pretend to be an approximately three-year-old boy who refuses to toilet train, even though he should be fully trained and out of diapers. That's because when I actually was three years old, I had that exact attitude toward using the potty. Probably due to me being on the autism spectrum, which I will explain further in another post, I wasn't immediately ready to switch out my routine of using diapers and getting them changed for using the toilet, and so I considered diapers my security blanket. Somehow, I finally managed to give the potty a try, and although by then I was a bit closer to my fourth birthday than my third, I was a "big boy" who was finally done with diapers.

Except no I wasn't done with them, because although it took me several years after I was considered potty-trained to realize it, I now fully believe that my consideration of diapers as a comfort object has stuck with me ever since then. The event that I believe triggered my path to returning to diapers (if only part-time) was a dream I had at the age of 8 in which I looked at myself in a mirror and noticed I was wearing just a shirt and a babyish-looking disposable diaper, with nothing covering my diaper. Fast-forward 13 years and I'm now a college student who wears and uses diapers on a semi-regular basis. And the first several entries on this blog will be dedicated to explaining the different steps I went through that led to my reunion with diapers.

Before I go, I wanted to mention that I plan to tag most of my blog posts with "horse talking" as a sort of signature. So I guess that means there's a bit of roleplay going on here. Just take that as you will. Okay, I hope you found this post interesting and insightful! I'll be back with my real first post in no more than 24 hours.

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