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Shopping in diapers

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The other day I was going through my usual routine when I was shopping for stuff in the supermarket in town, when I realised that I was crinkling alot this doesn't usually bother me because I have come to accept wearing diapers as per my earlier blogs however when it came to picking up and placing a brand-new pack of disposable diapers I thought that everyone was looking at me as I was the only 36 year old male in the baby section of the supermarket this made things embarrassing.

And I was fearful of people finding out that I wear diapers at my young age,Anyway I got to the check out without any problems but still I was a little concerned about the whole diaper crinkle thing as I am very self-conscious about how people pensive me in public as specially after Last year when I was teased and bullied by people who don't know me and although I had no problems this time I did sigh a breath of relief that no-one had said anything, I know that I might be paranoid but its better to be safe than sorry when I comes to not making any potential enemies just cause I have disabilities that are hidden.

Anyway when I got back to the resort where I am staying I was very glad to have a new supply of essentials for the night ahead to prevent any more embarrassing accidents as I have been known to wet the bed in the past due to anxiety and a weak bladder along with other problems having got back I slipped myself into some fresh diapers and was pleasantly surprised to find they made me sleep well as per my blog anyway got to go to work now so it's god bie for now.

Yours sincerely


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