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The Best Sleep in Years

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quite a while back I posted a blog about the fact that I have been in diapers ever since 2010 when I became incontinent through no choice of my own, well now I have a update and this I basically just to say how good I feels like now that I have started wearing diapers to bed, I posted the original version on

The main reasons why I said that was the fact that with diapers being padded up like a child has become somewhat of a normal way of life for me and during this time I have rediscoverd some comfort's that I haven't experienced since I was a baby or infant all those years ago, this is also one of my blogs,so to save me repeating what I said basically the truth is that I have been sleeping much more better than before I choose to wear disposable diapers which has in-turn improved my life because now I can relax more and not have to worry about wetting myself whilst I am in bed.

Anyway if your interested in my stories then go to my blogs to read more about myself, happy reading until then good night and sweet dreams.

Yours sincerely


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