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36th Anniversary of the first time I wore diapers

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Today is my 36th Birthday as on this day on October 21st 1980 I first came into this world and wore my very first diapers and although I couldn't have known it 36 years later I am still in diapers having returned to wearing them in 2010 which is mentioned in my blogs, somewhat ironic that I am in diapers again although not through my-own choice cause back then I also had no choice in the matter either.

Although I have noticed that there have been major advances in technology in my life time and I can't say that's not going to continue I do wish that someone would return to making the tredionally super thick diapers like I wore as a child as the ones today feel too flimsy and weak when compared with the older ones say from the late 1980's & early 1990's but that's another blog for another day.

Anyway must get back to sleep as it's past 4am in the morning my time and I need to catch up Zzzz ��, I will talk again later yours sincerely


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