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Fed up with being a adult

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For many years I've always mostly done what I was told to do and followed a systematically normal routine, but now I've gotten fed up with being a adult in a world that can't accept me for who I really am annoyed with what I have been forced/brain washed to follow as specially when it denied me a full childhood when growing up.

So I have decided to take back control over my life and live the way I want to live and although this makes me a rebel against todays society I really want to stop listening to people who tell me to grow up when they can't do so themselves and now that my body has decided to return to make M wear diapers I have the perfect example of how I can start working with my pycalogical and physiological welfare even if it makes me become a toddler again if that's what it means to be human and not a ailutomitron or robot slave.

I think also that I deserve to have a good life and not be ruled over by other bossy people who don't know me and whilst I am not asking to start a fully-blown rebellion against society I am not going to back off from defending my rights.

Yours sincerely


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