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Why I prefer to wear diapers vs underwear

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For some reason ever since becoming incontinent and needing to return to wearing diapers as a adult in 2010 I have found that when I am at home or on holiday I prefer to wear disposable nappies much like I did when I was a child all those years before as per my blog entitled rediscoverd comforts.

I can't quite explain why I feel this way although it could be that I am regressing subconsciously to a baby/infant although that's just a thought but when I am diapered up and wearing a t-shirt I feel absolutely nothing else matters in the world I have mentioned this also in a previous blog but I wanted to say how I felt in more detail so I didn't feel like a freak or a stranger in my own body.

And the thought of spending the rest of my life in diapers feels like the right choice given that my health has improved since taking that monumentally life changing decision and ever since then I feel more at ease with myself as I no-longer have to use pills that don't work to fight my body and if when I do go into semi-care next year as per my earlier blogs I will be relived to have returned to something that gives me so much pleasure even-though I don't consider myself a fully blown adult baby/diaper lover as such.

I know from reading the countless stories online that I am not alone but I still think that friends in the real world are important in my young life and I can't wait to see my old friends again once I return from my holidays next month.

Although it's as if wearing diapers feels much more comfortable and natural to me than having to wear underwear and probebly this won't change.

Yours sincerely


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