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I'm not even sure what i want to say. Sigh, i just wish i accepted myself a long time ago. That way i wouldn't feel so lonely, sad, and filled with regret. Oh how i miss you sooooo much. 😢

I wish i was any good at making friends and felt comfortable being myself and saying the thoughts that go through my head. Most of all i wish there was even one person i could confide in, well there was one once, but sigh the past is the past and it can not be changed. Maybe one day my heart will stop hurting, however I'm not going to hold my breath. There is so much i'd like to say... so I'll leave it at this. I'm soo very sorry for what I've done, i wish i reacted differently. (I don't want to go into anymore detail right now) it was a long time ago, but i still can't stop crying. I feel like i should be over it, but i can't and part of me doesn't want to be.
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