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Sleeping In diapers and t-shirts

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For quite a few years now I have suffered in silence from incontinence problems related to damage to the nerves that control my bladder this was a result from past epilepsy that I had when I was 12-13 years old in the early 1990's.

So in 2010 when I decided to go back to wearing diapers because of this it was a natural desire of myne to wear nothing but a diaper and t-shirt like I used to do when I was just a baby/toddler all those years before in the 1980's and so I have finally done so in 2016 after much experimenting with the idea in my mind as it took me this long just to pluck up the courage to do so.

I mean its not too much of a progression from what I was already doing as I sleep better when I am wearing diapers/nappies because I can lay there in bed without a care in the world and for the time I am asleep its as if I am a child again and that time has stopped although it took me a while to get to this stage but now that I am here I am better off then I used to be before I stopped fighting with my body and surrender quietly to the idea that I will need to wear diapers for the rest of my life due in part to my body telling me that I should never have been out of them in the first place, I also find it more comfortable to tuck my shirt into my diapers to avoid chaffing but maybe that's just me.

Now in my late 30's and about to turn 36 years of age the idea of myself in diapers has not only become the norm but also a very big part of who I am and although I feel babyish at times I know that I have made the right choice and that I am at peace with my body and soul and this is a good thing because next year I am going into care for my disabilities and will most probably have to switch from wearing nappies part-time to wearing them full-time although if this occurs it's not a problem with me as long as I can get cared for and that there is a support mechanism in place for me to become a toddler again in terms of diaper useage.

I am already un-potty training myself to wear diapers and to become more relaxed with the fact that I am regressing towards my younger self and this hasn't changed who I am and never will as its my life and it's now or never as Jon bon jovi sung in his famous concert performance in the 1980's for band aid as you can tell he's one of my idols of my childhood years hence I am a big fan of his music.

Yours sincerely


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