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The Return to a diapered life and of solice.

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Introduction: Firstly this is a true story and it actually is happening to me and how it has subsequently changed my life. In the beginning In 2010, I started having issues with urinal incontinence not long after I turned 30 years old and so tired of constantly having embarrassing accidents I went to the doctors to make a appointment with a consultant at the local hospital in the town where I was living near to in the UK. Anyway the consultant saw me right that same day and I had no end of batteries of tests done to find out the cause but in the end it was to no avail as all they could say was I had a over active bladder I asked right then if I should be wearing some sort of protection but I was rebuffed and told sternly no you don't need diapers and given the old diapers are for babies lecture, And then put on medication called Vasicare and then was told to take one tablet a day for the rest of my life, this really sucked as I had constant severe allergic reactions to the medication and which made me swell up alarmingly and so I kept having to see the doctors time and time again and this was becoming really annoying to me and after a while I had had enough.

Deciding to return to wearing diapers: After a while of having constantly annoying accidents I finally decided enough was enough this came after having daytime and night-time accidents which were ruining my life and affecting my sleep or lack of it by this stage and other ill health directly related to it I needed to reach out for help and this is were I first came across various websites online which I discovered were full of people who were in similar problems of their own and were mostly all still bellow the age of 40, So after reading up on the subject and stories online I decided to return myself to wearing diapers as a means of managing my problems and to reclaim my life and health in general as well as some meaningful sense of dignity and this is were I came across a website called which offered me with the support I needed at a different time in my life for which I am eternally grateful as since then I have never looked back and made the best decision of my young life.

Readjusting to a life in diapers: At first the whole thought of a grown adult in his 30's wearing diapers terrified me and mostly because of the whole social stigmatism and ridicule thing and because I didn't know what to expect from becoming someone who actively had no choice but to wear disposable diapers and it took me a good while to get used to the idea and courage of wearing them in public but not on show so to speak of as specially given that my first store bought ones were a complete waste of time and where a disaster in terms of absorbency lack or lack of it but once I found out about the premium/higher quality ones I didn't look back from buying them once I knew of a supplier who had them in stock at a reasonable price although I still couldn't hide the fact they were bought from a mobility shop, But once I had gotten used to wearing diapers all the time my life improved dramatically and ever since then I have become a campaigner to make wearing diapers more society acceptable and to end the stigma surrounding these products.

Present time 2016: Nowadays I don't think twice about wearing diapers as they have improved my quality of life dramatically and all for the better no more dreading to make it to the toilet or having sleepless nights and I have come to the conclusion that I should never have been out of diapers in the first place as it was a big mistake to get toilet trained so early when I wasn't ready for it in 1982 aged 1-2 years old although I don't blame my pearents for trying to give me a normal life/childhood although it was too short.

Holiday Diapers: Whist on holiday in the Philippines and Hong Kong for 2 months I decided to retrain my bladder so that when I don't have to fight my body anymore as I am sick of trying to prevent something that is natural and I don't want surgery or medication to cure who I am id my body has decided to go back to being a baby or toddler in terms of incontinence then so be it.

As part of this during my holiday I have decided to wear diapers as much as practicably possible and this includes during the night tho is for comfort reasons mainly but also in-case I have a bed wetting accident whilst I am asleep as this would be embarrassing and yucky as specially given that I have the flu and I am not feeling well.

Rediscovered Comfort: Since my decision to return to diapers I have rediscovered a part of myself I had almost forgotten and it's not that baby that lies in my subconscious mind but a sense of utter bliss from having something soft and padded between my legs as it helps me to feel happier than I was before I started wearing them again, I have done some research on this subject and found out that I am not alone and it has something to do with long dormant or repressed memories that may lie in the back of ones mind for years or decades after the event these can be physical or emotional and are either positive or negative depending upon the memory but are acted out subconsciously for the most part or with out us knowing.
The brain is one mysterious organ in that sense although in my case wearing diapers again has triggered long dormant or almost forgotten feelings and yes they are possibility from my childhood years it's like I already knew how it looked like to wear diapers but had forgotten about how it felt like until I was forced to return to them in 2010.

Going into hospital: In November or December of this year I am due to have major surgery on my feet to correct a problem I have lived with since my birth this will put me out of action for 6-8 weeks and involve shortening of the bones and resetting them with pins and screws, fortunately I will be out for the count so to speak during this period of time although I will try to get the nurse or doctor who is seeing me before the operation to request that I wear diapers during the operations due to the fact I would rather be comfortable and to avoid any embarrassing accidents whilst on the operating table.

Moving into Care: So next year comes the biggest change of off all when I will be moving out of my pearents house and into a care home of sorts as in my own place whilst being assigned with carers from a charity called Mencap who specialize in looking after people who have disabilities, during this process I will need to be fully assessed by a trained professional as in a doctor or nurse and I am going to try to get fully re-assessed in-regard to my ongoing contingence problems and hopefully I will get the go-ahead to wear diapers 24/7, only this time around I will inform them that I used-to suffer from epilepsy so that they know my full Medical history before making any decisions


  1. ST50's Avatar
    Going back to nappies when I became incontinent was the best decision I could have made. I am truly happy in my nappy.
  2. Slomo's Avatar
    I've worn diapers going into a surgery every time (and I've had dozens on the past 20 years).I can say it isn't a problem though some nurses might want you to think it is, but they will take your diaper off once in the OR, cath you, then remove it before you wake up. Most times I don't remember this, but I do always wake up without a diaper on (or with a catheter in depending on if it was for my incontinence). Right after waking I always have to ask for a new diaper. I highly suggest you bring one of your own (if it's an out patience surgery, or more if they plan to keep you). Hospital diapers are the worst.
  3. Chinababy888's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply, sorry it's taken me this long to reply to you as I only just got back from a holiday abroud last Friday morning and was extremely jetlagged afterwards because it was a 30 hour journey in total by the time I got back home including the train journey from the airport.

    I too am happy to be wearing diapers again because of my incontinence problems which quite frankly I could have done without in my life but now that I am 36 years of age and in diapers virtually all of the time it doesn't bother me because I know that I have made the right choice although at sometimes it does make me feel kind of babyish it has the plus side of returning me to a time in my life when everything was much simpler, also my health has improved since making the switch from underwear to diapers because I can now experience the best sleep that I have had in years.

    I know I already covered all this but I thought I would go over it one more time because of the simple fact that it has been six years now since I started down this road and nowadays I think that I have mostly come to terms with the fact that I will be diapered for the rest of my life which is no big problem because of the fact it almost mirrors what I was before I was toilet/potty trained 34 years ago and if I am destined to become a baby/toddler again then so be it.

    Yours sincerely
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