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My Issues with my Goals

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I love YouTube. I always wanted to be a YouTuber and make money off of posting gaming videos, vlogs, and random stuff. But every time I record a video or edit a video, I feel like it sucks and no one would
want to see it. Either that I hate the way I speak or the things that happen in a game I play, I just seem to redo almost everything. And it's just not videos that I tend to redo, my personal life is being effected
by this issue. When i would make notes or plans for future projects, I look back at it a day later and think;"God, this sucks." So I end up redoing it or throwing it away and I never get back to doing it again. And
when I do, the same thing happens. I don't know if it is my low self-esteem or me being a perfectionist, but I want it to stop.

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