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Good and bad days

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As you know I have been incontinent of sorts since 2010 when I was diagnosed with a weak bladder and although I have some good days I do have more bad days.

Good days/months

No need or even thoughts of problems can include holidays no need to buy diapers although the thoughts always there as a interest but without any need to buy them.

Bad days/months

Constantly having embarrassing accidents and end up fearing about making it to the toilet on time and I end up buying diapers by the case load as in 9-10's.

However it's not all bad as I can choose on some occasions to wear diapers for example during a long cinema movie or on a long journey such as a public train or bus ride.

And yes I admit that I sometimes wonder if it would be better off just to return to wearing diapers 24/7, instead of part-time.

The thing I next year as in my earlier blog I will be going into care because of my disabilities and I will most probably be made to wear diapers full-time although I have no problem with that.

Anyway these are just some of my thoughts

Yours sincerely


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