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Desexualizing Diapers Entry #1

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Ok, so this last week has been good! I haven't had ANY sexual activity surrounding diapers in the last week at all, so yay!

Yesterday, I went out and bought some new diapers which are more in the style of an actual diaper, not a pull-up. Before I was using Depends Real-Fit, a good discreet pull-up for daytime wearing. Turns out, it wasn't suitable for night wearing. It's harder to resist sexual activity in a tape-on; That's gonna have to be something to watch out for.

The smell that tends to come from used diapers was only noticed once or twice, only when I wasn't airing out the area. I'm getting a bit better at odor control and used diaper storage.

I'll say this though, Diapers are EXPENSIVE. I mean, I've been wearing diapers since I was 12, so this isn't big news to me. But yesterday was the first day I went out and bought bulk and damn I almost ran out of cash for the things. If I ever lose my job I'm going to burn through the rest of my stash doing this in the next 80 days. If by then I don't have a job again it'll be diaper-free time for Hytertax.

Oh! A few changes to the plan. Every 2 weeks, I'm going to add another day that I'm wearing diapers, up to 6 days. (I don't want to wear a diaper in church where I've known people since I was actually in diapers for a good reason. That's just weird.)

That concludes this week's report!

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