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Desexualizing Diapers Entry #0

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I've had this issue for several years at this point. Every time I'm around diapers or wearing, I get aroused. This issue has gotten to a point where my association means that I can't get off without diapers. This has been frustrating, as my fascination with diapers goes beyond sex. This fetish is holding me back; Thus, I'm creating this schedule to see if I can't shake my diaper addiction.

If you find you have the same issue, feel free to come along with me. I'll be refining this plan as we go, so bear with me, but I see net gains in the future. (i.e., being able to wear 24/7 without a constant boner and debilitating arousal.)

Ok, so here's the plan:

The end goal of this plan is to allow me to wear and use diapers without becoming aroused. To achieve this goal, I will use Pavlovian conditioning, and positive/negative reinforcement.

I will be wearing and sleeping in a diaper every night. This is so that I can get accustomed to wearing diapers in a non-sexual situation. In the mornings, I'll wet my diaper and spend at least 30 minutes in it before showering off. Again, this is so I can get used to the feeling of a wet diaper in a non-aroused state.

Starting after two weeks of this, on Fridays I'll wear a diaper until noon. Wet or otherwise.

Every week I make it without having sexual activity in a diaper, I will reward myself with food or gifts.

So here's the biggest issue with this: How to avoid arousal in diapers?

There are several answers to that.

While night wearing, I'll be asleep meaning, of course, that I'll not have a chance to get aroused. In the mornings, I'll be able to resist due to time constraints from daily obligations.

Fridays will be my test day, if you will. I don't work on Friday, so I'll have more temptations. This is why I'm giving myself a 2 week head start, so that I with luck, can resist sexual activity.

I will be updating this blog every Friday, if I'm consistent and remember.

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  1. goodnitesco96's Avatar
    Would probably last a day and give up on this admittedly haha
  2. Tyranover's Avatar
    Yeah it's pretty difficult at the moment and I don't think the road ahead is going to be all that pleasant, but I'm gonna stick with it because I want to wear 24/7 eventually and I don't see myself getting to that point until I learn to control myself around diapers.

    Also it'd be nice to not get a boner every time I walk past the diaper aisle.
  3. depends4me's Avatar
    I'd like to think it's not even as tricky as that. Over time, diapers should eventually become just "your underwear". You'll be so accustomed that the sexual nature will go away. Now it's true that I can't get off without thinking about diapers, but thankfully the wearing part is pretty easy. Except when I first wake up in the morning, grrrr.
  4. Trevor's Avatar
    If you're 19, I think it's a losing battle to try to force it in this way. Errant breezes can be arousing at that age, I think you should accept that one of the objects of your arousal is actually going to do its job. Wearing more frequently should reduce it somewhat by putting it in a more normal space.

    If I were you, I'd concentrate positively on what seems the only legitimate problem: not being able to get off without them. If you are patient and persistent, you should be able to turn that around. Find something else undeniably sexy to you and work with that for a while. Consider a diaper break while you pursue this. It doesn't have to be anything manic or awful, just focus your sexual energies elsewhere for a bit and see what happens.
  5. Tyranover's Avatar
    The thing is, I'm on quite a few medications, many of which decrease my libido, so I can pretty much ignore arousal (eh, most of the time). I really do just want to turn them into underwear, and eventually go 24/7 with them.

    Since I've started this I've had a bit more luck with getting away from diapers during sexual activity, but I guess that'll come in my next update tomorrow. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.