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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#355

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Thursday, September 29, 2016
11:35 PM -
Another very long day.
Yes, I travelled into downtown
Boston, Massachusetts.
I accomplished another video
shoot today.
Tomorrow another video shoot for
the Derry, New Hampshire Comm-
unity Public-Access CATV Channel.
I receive no compensation for any
of the video shoots I perform.
But, in a way, I am employed, even
though I am "retired".
At least I am not bored while I
have activities to do outside of
home out in the community.
I had no choice whatsoever back
in 2006 but to retire on dis-
I have had to adjust to a life as
an older disabled adult with
Autism and Cerebral Palsy without
Most disabled adults do not have
any employment in any form.
Rampant discrimination against the
disabled with resprct to employ-
ment is still normal in our soc-
Despit my intelligence, I am very
much seen by society as "Mentally
Well, I am winding down from a day
of travel and video shooting.

Friday, September 30, 2016 -
12:27 AM -
I am still very much wide-awake.
I am watching a science documentary
produced by the BBC.
There have been no documentaries on
ABC, CBS, and NBC in decades.
These networks must think a guy like
me is stupid and incapable of learn-
ing anything interesting and useful,
other than about how to treat other
human beings like garbage.
Our anti-intellectual mass-media does
reflect the kind of vulgar society of
utter assholes we have become.
And I am seen as a person with no
morals as an older Gay man with life-
long physical and developmental dis-
It sucks that ignorant shit-heads are
in charge and the people who should be
in charge have no chance of ever having
their voices heard.
8:46 PM -
I am trying to wind-down from spending
the afternoon up in Deerfield here in
New Hampshire at the Deerfield Fair.
Yes, I love being around farm animals.
Yes, another long and busy day.
I did shoot video at the Deerfield
Fair for Derry, NH CTV where I vol-
Next week I will get back to the Derry,
NH CTV Studio to perform all the
necessary post-production video editing
and post-production graphics to com-
plete another TV show.
Yes, I did of course feed Ernestina, my
pet guinea pig friend for the second
time today a short time ago.
I fed her before I travelled up to the
Deerfield Fair.
9:12 PM -
Pardon my choice in video entertainment
this evening, but on my TV here in the
Den, I am watching the Sci-Fi TV series,
"LEXX" on DVD.
As I have said, an autistic like me is
interested in Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
Anyway, I need to relax for the rest of
the evening before bedtime, which will
be at 2:30 AM as usual.

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