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Good Will diaper score

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I had my first experience wetting in a cloth diaper. It is an AIO. I felt pretty protected in it while wetting. I was laying on my stomach a top of bed. Afterwards I didn't have another diaper to change into and was left dealing with a soaked cloth diaper. I spent about 20 minutes washing it by hand. I was worried that I would shrink or get messed up in the wash. Long story short I ended up washing it in the machine. Days later I was passing by a goodwill and had a feeling that I could find some dips (disposable diapers) inside. Low and behold there were a pack of the iconoclastic blue medical dips for 2 dollars! My heart started racing as I walked them to the cashier. I ended up buying a,couple of books as well. I am currently wearing the dips under my cloth diaper. I don't want to raise the demand for dips because of their footprint on the earth. Although buying them second hand is different because they are just floating around in stores like good will. Thanks for reading. Do you have a goodwill story?

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