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Response to My Latest Forum Post

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So, I've never done a blog post on this website and I figured that a follow-up to my forum post would be a good start.

So, I took [MEMBER]Tyger[/MEMBER]'s advice and talked to my daddy. We have come to an agreement where nothing would drastically change if I were to have a mummy. The biggest issue now, which doesn't bother me, is how specific the requirements are. In order to make sure our relationship doesn't fail, my daddy would probably end up dating my mummy while also allowing me to be intimate with my daddy when I'm not being little. This does mean I will be in a semi-pedantic relationship in which my daddy is intimate with me and my mummy but I am only intimate with my daddy.

I'm really hopeful with this new information and having planned out what would happen in case I get a mummy or my daddy gets a girlfriend. Of course, if my daddy gets a girlfriend she would have to be okay with all of this, including being my mummy and sharing daddy with me. All in all, I am not longer paranoid or scared of not being loved as much. My daddy has promised me that he will love me the same no matter what and I am so happy. I am lucky to have such an amazing daddy. I just hope everyone of you will find a daddy like mine.

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