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How to become an adult baby

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I know this subject is not a new one as it was a thead that was closed in 2010, although given the circumstances of my situation I thought that I would start I again sorry if it is not dissimilar to the stories other people have seid earlier.

Anyway here is my guide on how to become an adult baby or diaper lover if you have choosn this way of life for what ever reason.

1. Buy yourself a stash of adult diapers in your size you won't want to run out of these essential items.

2. Start wearing your newly aquirred diapers all the time not just for sleeping in as you will need to un-toilet train yourself do not at any time use the toilet.

3. Start buying all the furnishings and accessories for transforming your bedroom into a adult sized baby nursary this includes a cot/crib plenty of soft toys and a adult baby changing station, wall paper and paint to make it look like a baby nursary and a baby Mobil and other items including a fridge to store you baby bottles in.

4. Hire yourself a carer or nanny full time or part-time as they will be in charge of looking after your every need if your disabled this may be provided for you by a health professional.

5. Buy plenty of baby foods as you will be eating them instead regular food as babies don't eat solid foods.

6. Buy yourself plenty of adult sized baby clothes and shoes as you will be wearing them full time from now on.

7. Buy yourself a dog that you can hug and look after as being alone sucks and treat him/her as your new friend as you will need each others company to become Soulmates.

8. If for any reason you need to be rushed to hospital have a full medical booklet or chart detailing any medical conditions that they should be aware of or I you are disabled have a medical bracelet with the medical condition on it.

And that's about all I can think of right now although if there is anything more that you need to know then please don't hesitate to ask me or look it up online.

Good buy for yours sincerely


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