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My Right to wear diapers

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Recently I heard about a campaign run by various celebrities that attends and depend ran in which people wear diapers in public places to combat the problems with negitive stigmas in society, this got me thinking about my life and the fact that I am disabled and need to wear this form of protection almost all of the time.

I am going into care next year as per my earlier blogs but I wandered is it my right to wear diapers as a person with borderline disabilities and if so should I say that I have to wear them if I am questioned by a person who doesn't know me?.

I know in most cases I find I hard to understand why people don't give me the respect and dignity which I deserve just because they view me as babyish which by the way maybe I can be although it hurts to be bullied just because I am different from what people might assume that I am, anyway these are just some of my thoughts at this Tim and please forgive me if I am repeating myself.

Anyway got to catch up on my sleep ��, so I will talk tomorrow.

Yours sincerely


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