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Change me.

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Change me.

Life is dark
And damp am I
Of stinging tears
that will not dry

My person moist
of trickling sweat
A bad dream, a nightmare,
a trap my mind has set

I cry and weep and throw a fit
As if I scream into the void “I quit”

A soft hand touches me
A hand of solid gold
“Relax,” it pleads, “let go of grief”
And I do as I am told

“Lay down, eyes closed,
Forget the world’s ill ways”
By now no longer fully clothed
I lay there, glassy eyes agaze

A finger gently wipes my tears
My cheeks still red and tender
My eyelids lulled to sleep, no fears,
He’s mine, my very own defender

With a sprinkle of bright snow
Engulfed and caressed by whitest glow
Life giving chills of caring and bliss
It all goes away with a hug and a kiss

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