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I always kinda scoffed at the stories of people here having the peeing dreams and then waking up to find they had actually wet the bed. I always considered it more fantasy....well......not anymore, now that it happened to me, but the weird thing is, is that I didn't full on wet the bed, I had a very very vivid dream of me running to the restroom and getting there pulling my boxers down and starting to pee, next thing I know I'm waking up in a scared panic, shocked sorta state, because I had to pee. I felt down around my waist and could feel that my boxers were damp around the front and sides. I had started to go, but my body stopped it as soon as I woke up. No damage to my mattress or other bedding, just slightly damp boxers.

Going to bed padded tonight, just in case. Might have had something to do with the large amount of tea I had at dinner the night before and that I didn't go before bed. Tonight I had a late dinner of BK and a medium coke, still didn't go and now that the diaper is on, it's too late!

On a side note, I just ordered a 80 case of ABU Simple's, not much for the babyish design and it will be easier to explain if they get opened. I wore my first Cushie that I got as a sample from PacifiersRus, when I ordered my new paci, red with the red paw splatter on it. I fell in love, figured these seemed to be more absorbent and therefore must be thicker, or so I hope. Probably should have done a smaller order first....


  1. Maxx's Avatar
    Dreams can make wierd things happen.

    A friend of mine told me about catching his roommate peeing in the refrigerator in the middle of the night. Not sure what percent of that was dream, and what percent alcohol.
  2. Chinababy888's Avatar
    It's actually not that un-common to have anxiety related dreams most of my ones are either falling from a great hight or drowning underwater, dreams can mean a lot of things in the latter I mentioned it meant that I had too many expectations placed on me or that I has too many commitments in life, I know this because I got in touch with a dream therapist or pycologist on-line who explained I all to me.

    I also have dreams related to incontinence problems usually it's because I am dreading not being able to make it to the toilets on-time or that I need a fresh diaper, although I don't always get what I wish for as specially when living with unsympathetic relatives that don't understand me.

    And sometimes our dreams have no meaningful content at all and are random stuff although if you keep having anxiety related dreams it's best to speak to a specialist as it may be a sign that your suffering from ptsd following past or present traumas anyway those are just some of my thoughts on this whole dream thing.

    Yours sincerely

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