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Becoming the baby

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Recently I read a story in a website called

In which was a story entitled becoming the baby it was a bout two sisters one 6-8 years old and the other is 18 years old anyway to avoid being plagiaristic this story plot line goes that the older sister is forced into returning to becoming the baby after she is caught one last-time teasing her younger sister.

This got me thinking how common place is the problem of sivilling rivalry between younger and older children or adults?.

Anyway my point being that in this case the older sister had to become a toddler again and let her little sister become her nanny or carer of sorts for a month.

Obviously this story is fictional although to me it provided an intreaging possibility for myself as I am going into care next year and if possible will become almost like a toddler myself if I am given the green light to wear diapers full-time, I know possibly this is too much info so I will end it there but before I go I would like to thank the admiratators of abisc for having such a good website were I can be open and honest on the subjects that I find I hard to talk about in private.

Once again thank you

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