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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

I'm Back! Am I? I'm Not Sure...

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Did I even ever really go away...?

Perhaps I was with you always, in spirit and in mind, if not in cyber-company. Still...

I trust you're all well and have avoided both death and a descension into madness from trying to make it through this stupid, twisted, confusing world.

Updates, hm, let's see...

I have no idea what you last knew of me, so I'll just start with where I'm at right now.

I finally have a boyfriend, I finally have a house, and I am now, officially, autistic. Talk to me about it, I enjoy it. I want to learn more about it; try and learn how to adjust to such a label. It's interesting. I'm also back at Uni, studying something words-related. So if I come off as a pedant or pompous prick, blame that as much as my autistic traits, OK?

OK, I'm done, I'm hungry and the toaster is figuratively screaming my name.

Love-love, hope to chat to some of you around!


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