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How to un potty train yourself

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I know this is responding to a closed post, but quite a while now I have been wondering if it is better for me to go back to wearing diapers full time as per my earlier blog.

I have come across several people asking more or less the same subject matter of how to return to bring somewhat like a toddler again.

I would say that although I am interested in this subject everyone has a different body and this may impact on how successful they are with un-potty training themselves, I myself have problems with my bladder anyway because it is weak so I am already part way there although in my case I didn't choose it to be this way.

Anyway my take on it is if you start wearing diapers on a regular basis for a month your body will naturally revert back to becoming incontinent first off you have to begin by drinking as much fluid as possible and avoiding using the toilets for anything once you've done that then start wearing diapers as mentioned every day and night and your body will begin to change this could be gradual or all at once depending upon how your body reacts to the new regime.

If you want to go back to becoming a baby there is also hypnosis style videos on YouTube start listening and more over believing in the messages from the tape/video and hay presto you will become an adult baby although in reality this method could take months or years to become permnant if you want it to be.

Unfortunately the realisation is there I no magic pill that you can take that will magically transform you back to being an actual small child again as it's impossible to shrink from an adult into a toddler and even.if this were possible not many people who are medical practitioners would recommend it as it would be against their moral code of ethics and probebly illegal too.

If you want to enjoy a session being treated like a baby then my advice would be to look for another website as were not interested in promoting porn or any other sexual gratification as this is not what adisc is for.

Just a friendly warning ⚠����.

Yours sincerely


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