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Diaper Dreams what do they mean?

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Hi sorry for bothering people at an early time of the day or late at night but I have a question about a couple of frequent dreams that I keep having, I know most of you aren't trained psychologist's so I'll keep this brief mind the pun.

I keep getting dreams or flashbacks of myself as a baby looking up at the ceiling of my bedroom/nursery whilst laying in my high sided crib/cott, I don't know if this is my innermost child trying to get in touch with me?, in these dreams I am wearing a diaper of course and baby sized clothing and I have my favourite teddy bear besides me.

another is that I am in a maternity ward and that suddenly given to hold a baby and It turns up to be a younger version of myself and then the nurse comes back and then thanks me for holding him and returns with a large diaper and a bottle of milk and says now it's your turn at which point I start to shrink and the room suddenly starts to get larger and starts spinning around I wake up in a cold sweat , this is one of quite a few dreams I have about being a baby the other revolves around being magically being transformed into a baby from an adult I don't know if this has anything to do with the fact I have an incomplete childhood and my mind is trying to tell me that either I grew up too fast or that I need to start over?

can anyone help me answer these questions

Yours sincerely


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