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Thick Or Thin

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Recently I was thinking about the ongoing debate on waver super thick or super thin products are better and I am not talking about pizza toppings or food, No what I am actually talking about adult sized diapers as I was curious to know which ones are better in terms of over all absorbency and comfort and anti leak protection.

the reason bring this up is because from time to time I need to wear diapers or some similar form of protection because of my disabilities and because I am going into care next year when I get my own place but that's another blog for another time, you see I don't quite understand which ones are better because I never had to choose when I was a baby growing up in the 1980's as the choice was always made for me and now that I am older and am 36 years young from next month I want to know which products are the best available in the Untied Kingdom as I will need to know if and when I get the green light to wear diapers again which brand to keep in my personal stock/stash.

If anyone has any ideas or advice I would love to hear from you ps- my size is Large-Extra Large just so you know because I will only be looking for those sizes.

yours sincerely



  1. alwayz's Avatar
    I have thought about this recently. I normally wear a cloth "contour" diaper, it is thick but not as bulky as a pre-fold diaper. I also wear depends when I want to be more discreet, they are relatively thin. The Depends do not hold a lot, so I wear plastic pants over them. I recently bought flat cloth diapers and have been wearing them with plastic pants and an insert. This combination works well, it is "in between" the thick contour and the thin depends. The only drawback is the need for more frequent diaper change as compared to the contour diaper and depends (I also use a pad in the depends for more extended wear) - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.