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The stigma surrounding adult diapers

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I don't know how or why but every time I try to live my life by wearing diapers I always get unwanted stairs or sniggers aimed against me, It's not that I am a adult baby but I feel uncomfortable with the fact that I am constantly being scrutinized or judged by people who don't know me.

In fact at times I have even broken down in tears because I was sick of the bullying, you see this all started in 2010 when out of the blue I started having problems with my bladder I know I already covered this story on a previous blog but I can't shake the feeling something in society is rotten to the core for people to be told and believe the lies that diapers are just for babies, yes I understand that children can't be in diapers forever, but what about the millions of us who through no falt of our own find ourselves having to wear them because of disabilities why should we be stigmitized just because we are different?.

It's gotten to the point where I have become sick of the negative and damaging stigmitizum of disabled people like us who have hidden disabilities, I know at this point this post/blog may sound unfriendly or angry but that's because I am sick and tired of people telling me I am too old for diapers, as specially as I cant help my disabilities and I really am getting too depressed about this whole issue.

Does anyone else feel the same way?, if so why not join the campaign against stigma on or

I know its inappropriate for some reason to try to encourage people to wear diapers or force them on them but why do so many people have to go through a up hill struggle just to survive when all we want is dignity and respect?.

If you believe in giving people a better quality of life without the bullying please visit the websites above

Thank you

Yours sincerely


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