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Diaper Heven

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I've always been interested in wearing diapers from an early age as I wore them from 1980-1983 in the first three years of my life as per any other Normal child but, started wearing them again at the ages of 7-9 years old between 1987-1989 due to the fact I had a whole jumbo box of pampers toddler plus L-XL diapers left over and the fact that could still nicely fit into them as I was small for my age and I used to use them for regression sessions in the privacy of my own room.

Then it wained alot and disapered all together from 1990-1999 when I moved abroud to go to school and also when my supply dried up and although diapers where never far from my mind I kept it hidden in the back of my mind whilst I was a adolescent teenager im the early-late 1990's
Although everytime we would go shopping and past the baby isle of the super market or shops I had to restrain myself from thinking inappropriate thoughts a I was supposedly grown up.

Then in 2010 I started having problems with my bladder and had to resort to wearing diapers again because nothing else worked the doctors told me that I didn't qualify for free adult diapers which really sucked as I was useing them to manage my problems.

Diapers in secret

My pearents never really approved of me wearing diapers and they were dead against it and still are, but when I am alone either shopping whilst in town or abroad I tend to buy myself some adult diapers and wear them with pride although the fact is I don't consider myself a adult baby or diaper lover I do find that when I am in diapers I am more relaxed.

Although when I get caught this causes a bid rift between myself and my pearents and a big argument or confrontation.

Hospital operations and diapers

I am due to go into hospital as per my earlier story in November or December of this year and will ask/request that I wear a diaper during my foot operation as I don't know how my body will react when I am un-conscious as I don't want to have any embarrassing accidents whilst I am in the operating theatre, if I get the go ahead to wear them then I will be in diaper heven for a couple of hours.

My preferences for diapers

I like the tredional diapers as they remind me of my childhood memories and provide me with unmatched comfort and protection as to diaper smells I kind of like the original pampers scents as they transport my mind to better times when everything was easier.

I also like the extra absorbent or thick diapers as although they are less discreet then the thinner versions they last longer I have some dislike for the new cloth backed diapers as they leak worse than the original ones but I do like the comfort that they provide as they are much more breathable, I like the original plastic versions when ever they are available because I basically grew up knowing them.


I prefer the original one tag per side version because they are much simpler to use rather than the multiple tag system but beggar's cant be choosers as they say so I'll take anything as long as they fit me and that I can close them up comfortably without any leakages occurring.

Going into care

Next year I am going to be moving out of my pearents house and moving into care with a charity called mencap and as part of that I am going to have a personal care assessment done which will require that I get fully reassessed by a new doctor which isn't a bad thing as I will try to get the right diagnosis this time and hopefully get the green light to be diapered again for the first time since I was baby all those years ago.

Also if I do get a new carer then I will be happy as My pearents won't have to deal with the burden of a 36-37 year old disabled son as they are now in there 70's and it's not fair on them that I am still at home.

As ever I will keep you informed as to what happens next.

Yours sincerely


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